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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing

It is a form of marketing that is focused on mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, tablets, and smartphones.

With the growing expansion of the mobile telecommunications market, the number of Internet users accessing the web and conducting searches through mobile devices has increased.

The limited screen size and bandwidth of mobile devices have prompted major search engines to provide optimized solutions, known as mobile optimized search engines, for their products. For example, Google has launched a mobile version of its popular search engine.

As a result, the ways in which users perform searches and navigate websites on mobile devices have changed.

The main mobile operators have developed mobile navigation services, providing a content indexing structure for their portals and offering users access to specific content that is typically available outside the portal.


The emergence of new mobile "Q&A" services represents a way to provide search services to users seeking precise and often location-based answers to their questions.

Mobile directory search has enabled the development of new search services based on finding local services according to the user's current location, such as searching for the nearest pharmacy or taxi.

Mobile discovery services, on the other hand, have gained popularity by offering users recommendations based on their recent searches. For example, some mobile service providers use the Directory Enquiries (DQ) service to send SMS reminders with textual information about the user's recent inquiries.

Dynamic mobile selection interface services are another aspect that is changing the way information is searched on the web. With this new category of mobile search tools, a user can tap the screen three or four times to download a preselected set of search results and access the desired content in the final stage. The Worldport™ Navigator for iPhone and iPod Touch is an example of such a tool.

For these reasons, it is crucial to have a website optimized for mobile devices, both for navigation and search purposes.