Innovationweb Suite Hotel

For hotels and bed and breakfast

MakeWeb Hotel CMS e MakeBooking Hotel CRS

A single product to manage hotel bookings and website

MakeBooking Hotel CRS

Centralized and automated management of reservations and cancellations

Management of rooms, rates, supplements, and vacation packages

Expedia-certified channel manager

Multiple bookings in a single step

MakeWeb Hotel CMS

To independently manage the hotel website

Visual editor for managing texts and multimedia content

Natively interacts with MakeBooking Hotel CRS

Innovationweb Suite Hotel

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Innovationweb Suite Hotel natively integrates MakeBooking Hotel CRS and MakeWeb Hotel CMS into a single product.

Innovationweb Suite Hotel is the ideal solution for hotels that want to independently manage the booking engine, rooms, rates, supplements, special offers, vacation packages, and the hotel website.

Innovationweb Suite Hotel features a powerful visual editor for composing page content with text, images, music, videos, attachments in major standard formats, photo galleries, and more in all installed active languages.

MakeWeb Hotel, visual page editing. 

The result is a remarkable speed and ease in creating and publishing professional content on your website.

MakeWeb Hotel, full page

Innovationweb Suite Hotel includes predefined modules that specialize its functions natively:

  • Language management module;
  • SEO management module;
  • Newsletter module;
  • Blog module;
  • Architecture module for creating, deleting, sorting, activating, deactivating, and managing the visibility of menus, pages, attachments, and images;
  • Contact Special Page module for creating contact forms with customizable fields;
  • Responsive Photogallery module for creating powerful full-screen and site-wide photogalleries;
  • Restricted areas creation and management module;
  • User creation and management module;
  • Videostreaming module;
  • Monitoring module for website access monitoring and reporting.

Innovationweb Suite Hotel can be customized with specially designed software applications to tailor it to specific hotel needs.

Innovationweb Suite Hotel allows management of page content in design or code mode and visual and textual content, including text, visual, multimedia elements, and uploading attachments in major standard formats.

Innovationweb Suite Hotel natively integrates MakeBooking Hotel CRS, certifies security for the exchange of sensitive data with a 4096-bit SSL certificate secured up to USD 1,000,000 in the name of the Hotel. It incorporates all the functions of the centralized and automated reservation system, allowing for the management of the content of all website pages through MakeWeb Hotel CMS.

Features include:

  • Seamless integration with dedicated portals without the need for any modifications to the existing website;
  • Management of multiple room bookings, special offers, supplements, and extras in a single step;
  • Automated management of reservations and cancellations without any intervention from hotel staff;
  • Customization of accepted payment systems and methods through the reservation system;
  • Customization of management documents and cancellation policies from the control panel;
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of website access for the hotel;
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting system for the delivery of emails sent during the booking process;
  • Real-time geolocation system for reservations to prevent false bookings and for web marketing activities;
  • Automated multilingual reservation system with 5 pre-installed languages;
  • Scanning the QR code associated with the reservation allows for easy transfer to any device without the need for printing;
  • Automated notification system for reservations and cancellations made by the customer, with notifications sent to the hotel;
  • Targeted planning and execution of web marketing campaigns through geolocation of reservations and statistical analysis;
  • Natively cookie-free, SEO designed, and responsive for optimal viewing on mobile devices.

 MakeBooking Hotel CRS, booking engine 

Why Innovationweb Suite Hotel is secure

Innovationweb Suite Hotel is not an open-source product at all.

The source code is kept confidential and cannot be known by website administrators or anyone who is not an INNOVATIONWEB developer.

Open-source products make their source code available on the Internet, exposing the risk that someone may discover programming flaws or actual security vulnerabilities simply by reading the source code.

Vulnerabilities can exist in the core of the program or in the various software modules that are added to the main product: this is one of the main reasons why it is necessary to always keep all components up to date.

Innovationweb Suite Hotel does not require updates.

Open-source products require constant updates that protect only against KNOWN security vulnerabilities, which can be quickly addressed by developers.

However, there may actually be undisclosed security vulnerabilities or vulnerabilities published on less transparent channels. These vulnerabilities cannot be fixed and persist, despite the constant code updates, making the website constantly vulnerable.

These vulnerabilities can allow hackers to authenticate themselves as administrators, gain direct access to the hosting server files, modify the database, or perform other unauthorized actions.

Innovationweb Suite Hotel natively supports data encryption.

Security is our passion. Avoiding unauthorized intrusions, site damage, and abusive content modifications is our main objective.

Access to the administration panel is achieved through a dual encryption system that natively works with the encryption system of the website and CRS, with a 2048-bit SSL certificate secured up to USD 1,000,000.

Innovationweb Hotel is immune to cookie grabbing as it utilizes cookie-free technology.

Access to the system management routines is located at a level inaccessible to administrator users. This has the advantage of making the management system completely transparent to site administrators while ensuring automatic code updates for each client module.

The web server is subject to rigorous backup policies for enhanced data protection.


  • A single product for dynamic management of hotel website content and booking engine.
  • Dual data encryption system for access to the control panel, with random or timed access keys.
  • 4096-bit SSL certificate, secured up to USD 1,000,000, for the reservation system and the entire website.
  • Allows quick and easy booking of multiple rooms with supplements and extras in a single step.
  • Increase in direct bookings through the hotel's official website, reducing costs and maximizing profits.
  • Automated management of the booking process and notifications for both the hotel and the customer.
  • Automated management and monitoring of booking status for customers, using both traditional methods and QR codes.
  • Geolocation of bookings for real-time control and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Email monitoring system for reservation confirmations, providing real-time statistics and reporting.
  • Monitoring of access and page views with real-time statistics and reporting.
  • Natively cookie-free, designed for SEO, responsive, and multilingual.
  • Flexibility to adapt the software to the specific needs of the hotel or create new features upon request.
  • Automatic installation of updates.
  • Technical and management support with dedicated staff assigned to the hotel.
  • Incorporates feedback from hospitality industry professionals.

Technical Specifications

  • High-performance dedicated Linux server with a dedicated SQL database.
  • Encryption of transmitted data using SSL/TLS.
  • Software with proprietary source code owned by Innovationweb.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly backup of data structures with cryptographic storage.
  • Crash recovery capabilities.