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MakeWeb Hotel

Manage your hotel's website independently

It natively integrates with MakeBooking Hotel CRS

It has a powerful visual editor to insert text, images, music, videos, attachments, photo galleries, and much more

MakeWeb Hotel CMS

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MakeWeb Hotel CMS is the ideal solution for hotel establishments that want to independently manage their hotel website.

MakeWeb Hotel CMS seamlessly integrates with MakeBooking Hotel CRS, our centralized and automated solution for online reservation management, rooms, rates, supplements, special offers, and vacation packages.

MakeWeb Hotel CMS features a powerful visual editor for composing page content with text, images, music, videos, attachments in standard formats, photo galleries, and more in all installed active languages.

MakeWeb Hotel, page editing

The result is astonishing speed and ease in creating and publishing professional content on your website.

MakeWeb Hotel, complete pageMakeWeb Hotel has predefined modules that specialize its functions natively:

  • Language management module;
  • SEO management module;
  • Newsletter module;
  • Blog module;
  • Architecture module for creating, deleting, sorting, activating, deactivating, and managing menus, pages, attachments, images;
  • Contact Special Page module for creating contact forms with customizable fields;
  • Responsive Photogallery module for creating powerful full-screen and total-site photo galleries;
  • Module for creating and managing restricted areas;
  • User creation and management module;
  • Videostreaming module;
  • Monitor module for website access monitoring and reporting.

MakeWeb Hotel CMS can be customized with specially designed software applications to tailor it to the specific needs of the hotel.

MakeWeb Hotel CMS allows for page content management in design, code, and visual modes for professional editing of textual, visual, and multimedia content, as well as uploading attachments in standard formats.

MakeWeb Hotel, complete page

Why MakeWeb Hotel CMS is secure

MakeWeb Hotel CMS is not an open-source product

The source code is confidential and cannot be known by website administrators or anyone who is not an INNOVATIONWEB developer.

Open-source products make their source code available on the internet, exposing the risk that someone may discover programming errors or actual security vulnerabilities simply by reading the source code.

Vulnerabilities can exist in the core program or in various software modules added to the main product. This is one of the main reasons why it is necessary to keep all components constantly updated.

MakeWeb Hotel CMS does not require updates

Open-source products require constant updates that protect only against known security vulnerabilities. These known vulnerabilities can be quickly fixed by developers.

However, there may be undisclosed vulnerabilities or vulnerabilities published through non-transparent channels. These vulnerabilities cannot be fixed and persist, making the site continuously vulnerable despite constant code updates.

Vulnerabilities can allow hackers to authenticate as administrators, gain direct access to the hosting server's files, modify the database, or perform other unauthorized actions.

MakeWeb Hotel CMS natively supports data encryption

Security is our passion. Preventing unauthorized access, site damage, and abusive content changes is our main goal.

Access to the administration panel is achieved through a double encryption system that natively works with the site's and CRS's encryption systems, using a 4096-bit SSL certificate secured up to USD 1,000,000.

MakeWeb Hotel CMS is immune to cookie grabbing as it utilizes cookie-free technology.

The management system routines are located at a level inaccessible to administrator users. This ensures complete transparency for administrators while automatically updating the code for each client module.

The web server adheres to strict backup policies for enhanced data protection.


  • One single product for managing the content of the hotel's website and the MakeBooking Hotel CRS management, the centralized and automated online reservation system
  • Dual data encryption system for access to the control panel, with a random or timed access key
  • 4096-bit SSL certificate, insured for $1,000,000, for the reservation system and the entire website
  • Allows for quick reservations of multiple rooms, with add-ons and extras in a single step
  • Increase in direct reservations from the hotel's official website, with reduced expenses and maximized profits
  • Automated management of the reservation process and notification for the hotel and the customer
  • Automated management and monitoring of the reservation status by the customer, using both traditional methods and QR Code
  • Geolocation of reservations for real-time monitoring and targeted marketing for advertising campaigns
  • Monitoring system for the reservation email sent to the customer, with real-time statistics and reporting
  • Access monitoring and tracking of viewed pages with real-time statistics and reporting
  • Natively cookie-free, designed for SEO, multilingual, and responsive
  • Extensive possibility to customize the software to meet the various needs of the hotel or create new features upon request
  • Automatic installation system for updates
  • Technical and management assistance with a dedicated support figure assigned to the hotel
  • Benefits from feedback from professionals in the hotel industry

Technical Features

  • Dedicated high-performance Linux server with dedicated SQL database
  • Data encryption using SSL/TLS system
  • Software with proprietary reserved source code by Innovationweb
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly backup of data structures with cryptographic preservation
  • Crash recovery