autostrada per le emozioni

A highway on the network to carry your ideas and emotions.

CMS systems for simple and secure management of your website′s content.

We observe the needs of our clients to achieve their objectives.

Network design and Networking.

Technical and legal cybersecurity for companies and public administrations.

Customized booking systems for hotels and accommodations.

CMS and CRM for content and booking management for hotels.

Professional email.

Solutions for web marketing.

Statistics & Analysis

We develop web projects to generate business and emotions.

Software development.

Booking and websites at maximum loading speed.

‌INNOVATIONWEB offers consulting, design, and monitoring services in the field of computer technologies for computer networks and web software application development.

In the field of network engineering, it develops secure services at both infrastructure and application levels, virtualization environments for servers on highly available nodes, and distributed storage systems.


​Our company specializes in the installation and configuration of active devices, management, and troubleshooting of wired networks distributed locally or geographically. We handle IP routing, switching to efficiently implement and transport VLANs within a computer system, network security, network services, network programmability, network automation, and wireless networks.

Cyber security

In technical terms, we specialize in monitoring network services to prevent DoS attacks, DDoS attacks, identity theft, intrusions, and theft of projects or documents. We implement Intrusion Detection System (IDS) tools to detect trojans, backdoors, IP spoofing, and session hijacking.

In the legal field, we intervene in various areas of the information system to align organizational and technical procedures with current regulations.

Network infrastructure

On this infrastructure, we offer cloud hosting services, virtual cloud servers, and dedicated servers. Our servers are configured and monitored to consistently ensure maximum reliability and security: server redundancy, management of failover for individual physical servers, RAID5 storage, and dedicated firewalls.

Web applications

We develop software using an engineering approach, following all project phases from requirements gathering to deployment, creating solutions that integrate not only on the software level but also in terms of services and network infrastructure.

In the management field, we have focused the development of our products in the Content Management System (CMS) and Central Reservation System (CRM) sectors, becoming a certified partner of Expedia Group, Inc.